Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Newsletter

January Newsletter

The winter months provide us with a period of time when we can focus on learning without calendar interruptions. Everyone is excited to return, rested and healthy once again, and students are ready and motivated to learn. We have been off and running since the minute the doors opened! Here at school we are ready to make 2013 a year filled with success through hard work and dedication by providing students with daily opportunities to grow. The hard work is
the responsibility of us all – teachers, students, staff, families, and administrators. I know together we can make learning an exciting venture!!

The winter season is upon us. I would like to remind you to send your children to school dressed appropriately for outside recess. Coats, hats and gloves are very important. We will always go outside for recess unless it is dangerously cold. If recess is canceled, please understand that it was canceled due to rain, snow or health recommendations only. It is our belief that students need physical activity and fresh air and therefore we send the children outside for recess in the winter.

Good Study Habits:
An important aspect of schooling is the development of good study habits. These skills are equally valuable for students when doing school related work at home and by reinforcing them in both environments, their academic success will be increased. Some beneficial habits include:

·         Assigning a “settling down” time that is routine and consistent.

·         Including 5-10 minute “breathers” or “mini-breaks” when children are working on a lengthy task or project that requires concentration and effort.

·         Creating a “distraction-free” study space that is equipped with good lighting and necessary study tools.

·         Writing and posting lists to track assignments that can be checked off when completed.

·         Making flashcards and using them to drill and learn math facts, spelling words, and test information.

·         Teaching students from an early age to be responsible for knowing what needs to be done and when it is due.

RMLD Award:
On January 7, 2013 Nicholas Rinaldi was honored at the Reading Municipal Light Department. Nicholas finished in third  place in their recent electricity poster contest. Great Job Nick, we are proud of you!

Bus Behavior:
If your child rides the bus please go over the importance of following the bus rules. Here are my bus expectations.

1.     What is your job on the bus? (To find a seat, to behave, to be safe, to keep our hands to ourselves, to have quiet voices, etc)
2.     What is your job right away when you get on the bus? (find a seat right away. We do not save seats, or look for our friends. Our job is to get on a seat quickly.)
3.     How should you act on the bus? (You should stay seated, no standing. You may talk with the person next to you, but not the person across the aisle or way up ahead or in back of you. You may not tease, push or hit anyone.)
4.     Who can you talk to while you are on the bus? (The people next to you, but not the person across the aisle or way up ahead or in back of you.)
5.     What should you do if you hear someone teasing and making someone feel bad? Or, if you see someone hitting or pushing? (Say Stop. Ask your bus driver or teacher to tell Mr. McKay).
6.     What will happen if you are teasing, making someone feel bad, hitting or pushing on the bus? (Mr. McKay will speak to you & call your parents.)
7.     What will Mr. McKay tell kids who continue to tease or make someone feel bad, hit or push on the bus? (Mr. McKay will tell them that they may not ride the bus anymore.)
8.     What part of the bus can you sit in? (K and grade 1, the front of the bus. 2 and 3, the middle of the bus. 4 and 5, the back of the bus.)

Remember let’s be Safe, Responsible and Respectful!

Lost & Found:
Our lost and found bin is overflowing. The bin was recently relocated to our lobby. Please stop by our lobby and check for any lost items.

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